My Niece e-mailed me this fabulous pic and I wanted to share with all of you! Isn't this incredible? This picture was taking in Logan, Utah which is about a half hour north east of where I live. It isn't uncommon to find deer in your yard in the early mornings or late evenings. When the winters are harsh and long they come down to the foothills to find food. However, I have never in my lifetime seen one come right up to the house like this curious fellow.It looks like this little deer may stick around as he has made a new friend..


Pease Porridge said…
THAT is sooooo cute!
Designs By CK said…
THAT has to be one of the CUTEST things I have ever SEEN!

Thanks 4 sharing it with us.

Have a great weekend Diane. :-)

Ev said…
Isn't that just too cool! Good for her, having the camera right handy. That cute little babe in the background ... amazing!

Oh my gosh! what an incredible picture.I love it
Sarah said…
Giggle - ya gotta wonder what they were saying to each other!!!! Sarah
Hi All,
Thanks for stopping by.
It is for sure one of the cutest pics I have ever seen.

What an incredible picture! Thank you so much for sharing that, Diane. Great new Easter things you have created too.
Beehive Cottage said…
That pic has to win some kind of award! Unbelieveable & just too cute.

Smiles, Debbie
Sonia ;) said…
That is the most prescious picture ever seen. Wow....prescious...


Sonia ;)
merelyadream said…
I just love that picture, I also have deer that come through our yard up here in Michigan, but never like that! :)
Doreen said…
Oh my goodness..this is sooo sweet!!! I love it :)


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