The Kandy Kat and friends..

I have been spending quite a bit of Super Fantabulous Magical time in my studio lately.........
I have been dreaming up Character's for my 2009' Halloween collection. This Irresistible Kitty Kat, is offering TRICK'S FOR TREATS. And Boy, does she know a lot of Trick's. Just LOOK at her bag of Scrum*dilly*uptious Treats!!!!

Mr. Skelly here, cannot believe all the talent that one Kitty Kat can possess.. I think he's hoping she will share a treat or two..
If you would like to learn more about these two one-of-a-kind characters, you can click on the link.
Mr. Skelly's friends, Agatha the Witch and Mr. Mummy got sidetracked on their way to the party. They found themselves staring into a costume shops window. Mr. Mummy saw this cool textured cloth outfit and just had to go in and be fitted for a new look and while Agatha was waiting, she noticed this outrageously cool hat.... With thier new atire, I think these two will most definately have to have thier pic's taken before they find thier way to the party.


Sarah said…
Oh wonderful work hon - love them both!!!! Sarah
Carolee said…
Wonderful new pieces!

~ Carolee
Bonnie said…
Great work as usual..just getting better with each new piece, if that is possible.

Please check my blog as I have given you an award.

merelyadream said…
Diane those are fantastic, the cat of course is my Favorite! Thinking of your GRand son too, hope he is doing good,
Am loving your newest pieces... keep up the excellent work!

What a great suprise to see you all stopped by. You all made my day:)

Thanks so much for the compliments on my new pieces :)


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