Monday, January 26, 2009

Good Mornin' all! I am back from my vacation just a tad bit early. I had a great time while I was gone, But I am very ready to be back to the daily blog. I didn't have go to far on my vacation, not far at all.. I stayed right here in the comforts of my "Home Sweet Home" What did I do you ask?

I signed up for a Valentine swap. I was so excited when I saw this banner that I just had too join. I have been enjoying every little second, creating a special Valentine gift for my swap partner. I would show you, but its TOP secret until I know that my partner has received it.

I have been wanting to do a makeover in my art studio. My studio right now is a bright yellow. It is very energizing, so energizing that I would end up dancing when I was in there. Now, I haven't yet mastered dancing and sculpting at the same time and I don't ever think I will get it down, so I have been searching for the perfect studio. I found it at Lemon Annies. This is it, its tranquil,girly,shabby and old just the way I have always imagined my studio to be. I have been collecting a few old things here and there for this new studio and soon I will have everything I need to do the makeover.

Oh, and I have been working on this piece, here and there. This is "Hilda Holidaze" She is a Fun loving quirky little witch who just adores all Holidays. To show her festiveness Hilda wears a red,white and blue scarf to celebrate our freedom, she keeps a 4 leaf clover at the tip of her hat for luck,she colors Easter eggs to hide for all the children and keeps her Valentine close to her heart. Her pet Turkey stays close and near, as she keeps time for the New Year! " Hilda Holidaze" is an eye catching one-of-a-kind doll for the Holiday Collector. To see more pics and to visit the auction just follow the link.
Vacations are nice, but I am so glad to be back ...Happy Day To All!


Anonymous said...

Welcome Back. That Hilda is a Honey!!

Designs by CK said...

Hi Diane ~ LOVE Hilda and looking forward to seeing your new studio makeover. Great inspiration photo, very clean & elegant looking.

NOW why can't we sculpt & dance at the same time???!!! LOL J/K '-P)

Have a great week & glad U are back too!

Chris :-)

Bone*Head*Studios said...

Diane!! this is too fun, Fabulous!!!

Sheryl Parsons said...

Too cute is Hilda, Diane! I've been wondering where you were and now I know. Good to have you back!

Diane MacNaughtan said...

Sheila- Thanks so much! We really had a hard time capturing her unique coolness(lol) with the camera.
Chris- I am excited to change my studio, when I first painted the room ,3 years ago I was thinking bright and energetic.It just hasnt worked for me. this inspiration pic is really more my style. I am hoping early summer I will have collected all I need to complete it. Ill share pics when it is finished.

Flora- tThank you so much for your lovely compliment :)

Sheryl- Thank you, yeah I was taking a bit of time to myself. January seems to be the best time for me to do that. I dont do a lot of Valentine art, so its a great time for a break.


Tanja said...

your studio is perfect!!!

Diane MacNaughtan said...

Hi Tanja, Thank you. I am looking forward to when it is complete.