Thursday, January 1, 2009

De Vine, 2009' !!!

Wishing all my friends, family, acquaintance's and future friends I may cross paths with, a De vine Year In 2009'

I've been away from my blog for what seems to be forever and ever! One of my very dear friends and my Boss <--- How lucky is that?)) Had her last day at work on Christmas Eve. She will be gone from my day job until the end of March, as she is expecting her new Bundle of Joy! We have worked together for many years and she had asked me to be the acting manager while she's gone. With careful thought... I said, NO....NO...NO WAY!
WELL, I gave in... at the last minute, the day before Christmas eve, I said i would do it. Gee Gads! SCream...............................................What Was I Thinking? This past week my head has been spinning round and round in Inventory, scheduling and ordering. Oh, and my my usual day to - day job, decorating fantabulous cakes. Thank the Pillsbury Dough Boy that this is only until March. Anyways, there's my big excuse for neglecting my blog and my friends.

NoW, onto the FUN stuff Like CREATIVITY.... I have been winding down in the evenings by working on a piece for one of my E-Bay groups, January Challenges. The Challenge is called, " MY DARK VALENTINE " I am doing something a bit different for this challenge. It is just SO Tremendously fun to Explore New mediums and to Twirl and dance right outta the box into other platues of art within your creative minds eye. I am so pleased with this piece. I Cant wait to show all of you! So... on that note, I am going to start this De~Vine 2009' New Year, down in my studio to finish my first art piece! See you all sooon!

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Debbie said...

You are always such an inspiration! Happy New Year. Well I feel creative juices flowing here so I can't wait to see the results. Deb