Thursday, December 31, 2009


Wow! another year come and gone, where does the time go?
Reviewing this past year has brought me comfort to my soul. I started 2009 out with grand plans for a productive art filled year. It's funny how life can change.. instead my time was filled with care giving to ill family members, with bouts of depression on my part and true soul searching about family, priorities and where I want to go with my art, oh and the big one.. trying to find a balance.
I always new how important family was, but I now know that family is the most important in my life. I have learned this past year how to find a beautiful balance with family, friends and my passion to pursue my art.
I am so grateful to my wonderful, compassionate and wise friends I have met through blogging and to my collectors who have stuck by me through my non productive year and to my family who make my world complete.
Wishing all of you a wonderful year 2010 filled with good health and fortune.


Monday, December 21, 2009

Wishing you all the Peace, Love and Happiness this Holiday Season.
Merry Christmas and Wishes for the Happiest New Year!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Christmas Cookies for Mommy and Daddy

Alan and I had a Date with our Grandson. We invited Kasen to come over for dinner and then for the fun stuff... Decorate Christmas cookies for his family.
He had a ball.. I was surprised to see how he was concentrating so deeply on this new to him, form of art. He was very detailed, well.. as detailed as a two year olds can get. Every artist has a signature, Kasen left his by taking a bite out of each cookie. LOL.... When he was finished decorating we cleaned all the green and red frosting up just in time for Great- Granny to arrive... She did not arrive empty handed, she brought a scrum-dilly-umptious Black Walnut pound cake. YUM!
After a nice visit, we packaged Kasen's cookies up onto a plate and took him home. Before we opened the door to go in we handed him the plate of cookies that he had made for his family. He walked in SO PROUD. He showed his mom, then his dad and was as proud as proud could be.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Baby It's Cold Outside!

BRRRRRRRRRRRRRR! When I was a Wee Little Brat I loved the cold, along with the cold came the Snow... Snow forts, snowball fights, building snowmen. I always thought it was a bit strange that all the "OLD PEOPLE" hopped in their motor homes and headed south for the winter. I have a better understanding now that I'm one of those "OLD PEOPLE". I just wished I had a motor home...
We had week long temperatures in the single digits followed by a little warming up and then we literally got DUMPED ON. My prematurley OLD knees despise the slick deep snow, while my eyes and child within is in pure delight just as long as I can stay at home and watch it through the window.
Our town was covered in heavy, slick snow. Many couldn't get out of their driveways and those who did, slid back into the snowy curb, getting stuck. LOL.. it is kinda comical to watch UNTIL it happens to you. Yeah, never ever giggle at thy neighbor (MY NEW MOTTO)
Sure as sure can be I was headed to work in the wee early hours, and as I was backing out the driveway in my 4 wheel drive Durango I surely thought I had it licked. Quicker then I could blink my eye, I did a 360 backwards and the ol' Durango came to rest in the snowbank on the side of the road. Son of a cookie, I thought. Luckily, Alan was home or I'd still be digging my way out...
Yep, the south is looking better and better to this old gal...

The weatherman says we will have a bit more snow in the next few days. I am so happy that all my errands are done and I can watch that lovely white stuff from my studio window as I'm building snowmen from soft WARM clay.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

It's A PFATT Christmas at the Marketplace

Yep, it is that perfect time of the month again.. All the Artist's over at the PFATT Marketplace
Have their fantastical creations ready for all of you :) I am especially excited and honored, because I have the opportunity to be part of these brilliantly talented artists.
At midnight , you can view all of the artists one of a kind, magical creations. In the meantime. here is a peek at my offerings for December :) SOLD.


This is a picture of me this morning at my art table, CLEAN art table and that is the only thing I managed to clean so far this morning.. Instead I thought I would take a breather and let the fuel kick in.
I had a busy week and my creations for the PFATT Marketplace were not quite complete, you know, those little final touches. No problem, I had yesterday off and I new I would have plenty of time to Bee bop around the studio in my fuzzywuzzy,cozywozy jammies and Alan's big warm wool hunting socks. A little of those final touches, a little of the computer, a little Martha... It was a lovely, slow motion dreamy kinda day, especially when looking out the window watching the tiny snowflakes gracefully float to the ground... Christmas music playing..... Then I read an email!!!! I was supposed to have had my Marketplace goodies uploaded the day before. SCREAMMMMMM! Son Of A Cookie! Darn .. A day late and a dollar short I guess . I'm am real sure that family members can get a real good visual of the following.. I jumped up with a hollar... running circles in my tiny yellow studio, not realizing the mess of mica flakes and glitter that was on the floor and I was tromping through it.. Sure does stick to Big wool hunting socks! I ran up the stairs leaving a trail of glittery magic throughout the house, frantically setting up the lights and fabric for Alan to take pics. I was a little bit freaking out because when it comes to uploading things and computer stuff it takes me a little longer then most and I didn't want to keep my gracious friend waiting to long for the uploads I was supposed to have in the day before. Meanwhile, as I was scurrying around the house, Bizzy Lizzy my Chihuahua puppy got a hold of a bottle of paint that must of fell off when my Big Falumputious Butt bumped the table.
Well, to make a long story short... My uploads got in all ok ,with Alan's help.( Thank YOU Sweetie). I have a very sparkly and glittery house, and a streaked Carolina Blue Chihuahua, carpet and bedspread. NOTE: Keep bottles of paint away from puppies ;)
So for now, I think I will just relax with a smile and enjoy my cup a fuel... Because ,It Is another beautiful day.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Oh, Martha!

This morning, while finishing up my PFATT Marketplace goodies, I took a little break to look at Martha's new craft project. WOW! I LOVE these cute little party favors. They would make cute little gifts for your friends at work. I always save my paper towel rolls for poppers. I like this idea better!! If you would like the How- To, for this project just click on MARTHA

Welcome Home Rylee!

Little Rylee and Mama went home last night :) YAY!!!! Dad and big brother Kasen were so happy to have the both of them home. Kasen and Dad took a trip to the local Walmart to pick up a few Preemie Jammie's. Amanda had taken her newborn Jammie's with her to the hospital and when she put them on Rylee she said, you couldn't find the sweet little angel.
I called last night and talked to big brother Kasen ( He Is TWO) I asked him if he had a new little sissy and he told me no! His Mama said he is a big helper, he likes to put the Binky in her mouth and hold her with moms help. I think he doesn't want Nana to know he has a new sister and wants to keep her all to himself. LOL.... Nana knows.....
I caught a cold over the weekend so I have stayed far away until it passes. I can hardly wait to hold my new granddaughter for the first time!

I would like to send from our family, a special thank you for all your prayers and comforting words. Hugs

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Rylee's update

I would like to thank all of you for your positive thoughts, prayers and support. Rylee had a rough evening but has made wonderful progress today. Her breathing has improved and she has a good set of lungs on her. What a wonderful sound.
At this time her body wont store sugar, so she has to have the glucose through an IV. Hopefully in a day or two her body will begin to store the sugars. When her body is able to maintain the proper sugar levels and she can hold her food down, she will get to go home. It is amazing to me how fragile yet strong these little babies are.
Grandma is going to take a nap, then I will go visit the little sweetie.
Thank you again for all your prayers, our family appreciates you so much :)

Friday, December 4, 2009

Our Little Miracle ~ Rylee Lynn ~

Our little Angel Granddaughter was due to arrive on Christmas day. However, She was letting everyone know that she wanted to be born before Christmas day. Her Mamma went into labor over the weekend with contractions just one minute apart but was not dilating. My daughter has had many complications throughout the pregnancy putting her in the category of high risk. Wouldn't you know it, her Doctor was on vacation over the weekend and the Dr. on call was very familiar with my daughters high risk problems and hesitant. He did not want to take the baby by Cesarean unless she or the baby was in danger or, if she dilated to a three. He Wanted to wait for her Dr. to get back on Monday if at all possible. Over a painful weekend, Manda made it to Monday. we saw her Dr. first thing and he scheduled her with a specialist for an amniocentesis on Thursday this was to see if the babies lungs were developed.
Well guess what? They couldn't do the test as she hardly had any amniotic fluid. They ultrasound the baby's heart for a very long time because one of the reasons for minimal amniotic fluid is a heart condition. Everything looked good with her heart. He could not check her lungs but he said she could not survive without the fluid so he called the Dr. and she was scheduled for a c-section the next morning, which is today.
Rylee was born at 1:30 this afternoon weighing 4lbs. 13ounces. They rushed her in to the med room where there was a window for for us to view her. She struggled to breathe, her little ribs looking as if they were going to cave in, as all the Dr.s, respiratory specialist and nurses were quickly working on her, I had a melt down and had to leave. I never in my life have seen such a tiny little thing fight so hard to breathe, to live... and bless her heart.. after a little time on oxygen her breathing became stronger.. then her sugar dropped dangerously low and they hooked her up to IVs to maintain her sugar level. She will have to have this for a few days because her sugar level wont sustain on its own. and just moments ago, my daughter called to tell me that she now has an infection. They are running more labs to determine what kind of infection. At this point they have tried to do the best they can at our hospital and they have been exceptional, but there is and has been the possibility of transporting her to a neonatal intensive care unit in a neighboring city.
This picture is of Rylee at about 3:00 pm after they stabilized her breathing.
Finally, they were able to take her mamma into the medical room so she could hold her. She is the cutest, tiniest little thing and a strong little soul. The next couple of days might be a rough go, but I have great faith and hope that she will pull through just fine..

Thursday, December 3, 2009

This is what happens when you spend the day at Nanna and Grandpa's house. You get plum tuckered out!

Our grandson Kasen spent the day with Alan and I. He is such a sweetheart. Grandpa and Kasen played wordworld.

While I was preparing lunch, Grandpa buried kasen in a pile of leaves. He had a ball.

After lunch, Kasen helped me with the dishes. I always save the silverware for Kasen, he thinks that is really fun. I hope he still thinks it's fun when he is a teenager. LOL....

Monday, November 30, 2009

PFATT Blog Christmas Giveaway which will run December 1st-December 7th! There will be free giveaways from some of your favorite PFATT artists! So make sure that you mark your calendars, tell all your friends and family too!
This is sooo exciting as recently, I have become a proud member of this wonderful group of talented artists and this is the first time I have participated in their giveaway. I cant wait to see all the giveaway goodies awaiting you all :) See You There!!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving

It's just a day away from the BIG DAY! I have warm and cozy butterflies flapping their wings inside my belly. I have been given many, many blessings and I would like to share just a few of the things I am thankful for.

~ I am thankful for the strength and love of our family. We love each other through thick and thin. We live close enough to see each other everyday. I never take that for granted.

~ I am thankful for Alan. He always supports me and never lets me give up :)

~ I am Thankful for my girls, Tiffanie... so deep, kind and compassionate. Amanda... brilliant and packed full of fun loving spunk. You bring joy and balance to my world.

~I am deeply thankful for Tony for his courage and strength. He is my son, he is my Hero.

~ I am thankful for my new and old friends and all the wonderful people I have met through blogging and various art groups.

~ I am thankful for my employer, which ensures that We never go hungry and I always have clay to satisfy my need to create.

~ I am thankful for my grandchildren. They are beautiful and bring such joy to my heart.

~ I am thankful for the Lord above for giving me all these things to be thankful for.

Wishing you all a blessed Thanksgiving. Warm Holiday Hugs :)

Look what arrived on my doorstep the other day, and all the way from Canada! Isn't she the sweetest little doll you have ever seen. My heart was in love the minute I unwrapped her from the delicate tissue paper. This sweet little Isabella came from my " Monster Under the Bed " swap partner and new artist friend, Sue Barton of Barton Originals.

I am simply amazed at Sue's talent. For the first day, I displayed Isabella in my living room but her Hauntingly sweet elegance told me that she needed to be displayed amongst my MOST treasured and elegant collections that surround me in my bedroom. She graces my dresser beautifully and every time I enter my room, I cant help but gaze at her with amazement.

Thank you Sue ! I cant even begin to tell you the joy Isabella brings to my heart.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Yes Virginia, There is a Santa Clause and a BLOG GIVE-A-WAY TOO!!! If you are a believer, then hop on over to the Because We Believe in Art blog for their 1st anniversary Blog give-a-way.
There are many wonderful artists who have donated one of their "OOAK" ornaments just for this special occasion and yes, YOU might be the lucky winner. WAHOOOOOOOOOOOO!


Monday, November 16, 2009

Exciting Adventures in the Horizon!

I would like to say thank you to all of you who listened to my venting session. And a special Thank you for your kind words of support. Geez, I feel better :)
I have something HAPPY to share. I am sure that you have all heard of the PFATT Marketplace. That fabulous little on-line shop, Chuck full of some Rockin artists that sell their exquisitely made creations. I love that place :) Well, I am so honored to be a part of these fantastic artists. In December, I will officially become a PFATT Marketplace artist. I am very excited, beyond excited! So, I've been tucked away in the little yellow studio creating some Dianie Mac Designs, and I'm having fun! My honey buns (ALAN) put the computer and a T.V in my studio. UH O! LOL, I had to laugh because I don't get cell phone reception in my studio and I can spend hours upon hours in there and totally forget about the world and that I have grown children ( JUST KIDDING, I could never forget my little sweeties). I always had a little problem with balance. Lol...anyway, when I do come up for air, I check my messages and I will have all these texts, MOM! MOM! MOM,Where are you? Mom, are you in your Studio? LOL.. My kids have lost their mother to the little yellow studio. Well, they know where to find me.. doors always warmly open:)

With the Marketplace I will definitely need a banner! I'm a little tight on funds right now so I am attempting to make my own. When the girls re-formatted my computer, I lost my favorite art program. Dah, I failed to remember the name of it. My husband has looked through all his STUFF and cant find it either??? The new program I have is over this girls head. Alan has one more program he is going to load up for me and I will see what I can figure out. You know the saying If you don't succeed, try,try again! Right now this is what my banner looks like. YIKES!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

I LOVE SWAPS! When I saw that Zan was having a Monster Swap, I knew I had to join. What better way to face your childhood fear then to create the little bugger that spooked you soooo bad as a child. Yep, this is the furry feller that caused me so much grief. " The MOnsteR Under My Bed "

I started this creation with a couple of small gourds and wire for the armature of the monsters body. I used Apoxie Sculpt and paper clay to sculpt him. His rough furry texture was created using finely cut up cheese cloth and Paverpol.

The bed is made from heavy duty cardboard stuff ? dowels and paper clay.

And that skeered little boy in the bed, with his covers pulled up so tightly around him, was created from a tiny bottle gourd and paper clay. I will have to say that this was a very fun swap. Now this little Monster will be carefully packaged and mailed out to my new friend and swap partner. Maybe she can tame him , hehehe ! :)

Thursday, November 5, 2009

The Monster Swap!

That time is growing very near, for the Parade of those Big Bad Monsters to appear. You know, the Monster that lurked in your closet, or was he lurking under your bed? Where ever he was, he was to be feared!
A little over a month ago, Zan Asha over at Wild at Heart was hosting a Monster Swap. And now the time is almost here to parade our childhoods biggest fear.. " The Monster In The Closet" Be sure to hop on over to Zan's for the big Monster Parade. Saturday, November 7th.

Here is my Monster that caused me so much grief as a child!( Of course I had to twang the pic a bit.). I hope he is a little nicer to my swap partner and doesn't pinch her toes in her sleep like he used to do to me!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Don't tell a single soul....
our Halloween adventure is about to begin with Chef Alan's Magical cookie crusade! 96 little scrum*dilly*uptious cookies to be secretly delivered to our spooky little offspring. Just a little teaser and Chef Alan's tradition before...........
the SPOOKY magic that is about to unfold in the days ahead!!! BAWAHAHaha..............................................

Hello, It is I.. Dianie Mac ! I will be your host for the evening.............

Twirling and swirling, Magical Candy corn! Please catch one if you can.....

Let me make you a drink?

Dianie's Pet spiders...
Eyeballs of Bat!
Whats this? All these silly donuts are looking at you! ... What was in that drink Dianie Mac made for you? She will NEVER tell. BAWHAhahaha.....

Help yourself...
before it's too late...
A few of our guests...


Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Man Cave...

Whew wee ! I've been busy as a Bee. Well, in a sorta leisurely kind of way. Lol...
This past week I've had oodles of fun doing what women do best. MULTITASKING!!!
In the Studio, Ive been working on some WIPS that I previously showed pics of and this new one. A sweet little Bee bust. Oh, and of course there is a mystical creature, or should I say MONSTER that is lurking in the little yellow studio. Now, he is quite a character. I chased him all over the studio trying to get him to pose for the camera, but he was to fast, hiding behind this and that. Finally, after I was all tuckered out from running circles within the little yellow studio, with one big yellow eye peeked up over the spools of ribbon he said.. For heaven sakes you silly ol' lady I don't have any pants on! And besides, my heart only belongs to one and only she will be the first to see me...( With pants on of course). I guess he told me!
Moving on to my weeks adventures..

This here was previously a spare room that became our storage room. It will now become my husbands MAN CAVE! Not your typical man cave though... Alan's cave will be filled with his amazing Native American style flutes that he carves from a block of wood. Some of you know my husband Alan's exquisite work .
Alan also plays the flute and this new room of his will be where he can record and make some wonderful CD's. I cant wait for a Christmas CD !

Let The Painting Begin....

As budgets have tightened I went with a cheaper brand of paint. Hmmmm, there are just some things you shouldn't skimp on.. I will be probably doing three coats of paint.
When I was strolling through the paint chips at our local Walmart, I came across a wonderful color. Partridge grey, I thought this color would be a fabulous backdrop for his flutes and of his wolf collection.

HMMmmmm? As the first coat of paint is going up I had a big ol' question mark ???? arise in my thoughts. Holy gee willikers, I hope the second coat looks better. When my husband peeked into the room I assured him that when this is all done, it wont look like he is sitting in a cement cell. I HAVE FAITH!
I will give an update when the room is complete :)

Guess what I found when I was cleaning out the cave?
This wonderful chair made from an old church bench. Years ago, My father in law gave us the set. There was one long bench and two chairs. The chairs were created from cutting one bench in half. When we received the set, they were pretty worn and weathered as they had been outside. My husband refinished them for me in a lovely cherry finish. In our previous spacious 1900 home we had them in the parlor. We have moved since then to a smaller cottage style home and was lacking the space for the quaint little benches. Reluctantly , I sold the bench and one chair leaving me with this lonely one. I have had my eye on some fabric that I am hoping to purchase soon and upholster up the back which will add some softness and not to mention make it more comfortable. When completed the old bench chair will find her resting spot in my living room.

And now for the BEST of the this week adventures! Painting my grandson's face for a Halloween party he was going to. It has been a very,very long time since I have painted a wiggly worm two year old. But it was so much fun and I get the honor to do it again this coming Saturday for Halloween.