A Perfect Snow!

It Really did! Early this morning in the wee hours while most people lay snuggled in their warm and cozy beds, there was a peaceful silence outside. Little tiny snowflakes, swirling and twirling, glistening with their graceful dance... When it snows, I cant help but look up to the sky to feel those magical frozen flakes fall on my nose and eyelashes. For just a moment , I get that tickle in my tummy, I feel like a child again...


Ah, Diane! I remember you! Do you recall that we talked about you teaching ornies at my site? I'm still very open to that! I know that Christmas is almost here but there are tons of things that we could come up with!

I'm glad you visited my blog.

PS You sculpt beautifully!

Melissa said…
I'm soooo jealous. No snow here but I'd sure love a good rain storm about now. Your snowman's expression is PERFECT! Such magical creations.

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