Monday, December 22, 2008

Merry Christmas!

It is not to often that I make TWO posts in one day. Today is different though ! As I was on my magical journey through blog Winter Wonderland making last minute Christmas calls to all of my blog friends, I realized I didn't Wish A Merry Christmas to anyone who may happen upon my blog. With not a moment to spare and still in my warm, fuzzy pastel Blue & Lavender Jammies, I quickly pulled on my black snow boots. I looked in the mirror and noticed that I had scare hair, but that would have to do, as I had no time to waste to make a Christmas Card for All Of You! As I snatched up my Hubby's camera I heard him holler, "Don't get my camera wet!" With a quick pivot to the kitchen, I reached in a drawer and out came a white plastic sack. So... outside I went in the falling snow.... with my fuzzy jammies, black boots and a white sack over my head to protect hubby's camera. I'm sure this was a sight. But, it was worth it to me in hopes to make your Holiday bright.
Merry Christmas to all of you. I have met so many wonderful and gifted people here, who always brighten my day!

A blanket of pure white sparkly snow wraps around the sleeping hills they call, Soldier Hollow. It is so peaceful and quiet here...It's a beautiful wonder...It's Magical.... This breathtaking winter scenery is where my husband's, Dad & Betty have their annual Christmas party for all their children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. They rent out the tubing mountain and it is Big! There's a chair lift that takes the brave tubers up the mountain.
After hours of tubing, or when your little toes are so frozen you possibly cant brave one more ride down the snowy mountain, you can always head over to the warm & cozy lodge. Inside, you can mingle amongst the family.
This is a Pic of my Father-in-law, Tom and his wonderful wife, Betty. They were welcoming everyone and letting all of the hungry little snow people know that the Dutch oven feast is ready to eat. YUMMY! If you have never had dutch oven cooked food, you MUST try it! We had the most tender and flavorful Turkey & Roast beef, Baked Beans and Cheesy Dutch Oven Potatoes. There were even four different kinds of salads to try to fit into our belly! Oh, and no Dutch Oven meal is complete without the Peach Cobbler for dessert! Oh gads, when I was finished with that Scrum-dilly-Umptious meal, you could have rolled me down that tubing hill.
This is Alan, The LOVE OF MY LIFE! Alan is playing one of his magnificent flutes, while we have dinner. The Native American Flute has such an incredible sound. When my husband plays the flute, It touches my soul.....

I know that a lot of people may not appreciate me plastering pic's of them all over my blog but, I don't think these two little munchkins will mind. This is Christopher and Tiffanie. Tiff is my daughter and Chris is my son-in-law. Tiffanie is listening to her dad play the flute. She is hoping he will make a CD one day soon....
Here is one of the Large Christmas trees here in the lodge. The decor on the tree was perfect for the setting. The ball ornaments were made from red berries and assorted seed pods. It was "simply" beautiful!

I had to show another pic of my honey. After all these years he still gives me big ol' butterflies! Alan played many songs, some of them were; The Little Drummer Boy, What Child Is This, Silent Night, Amazing Grace and some of his original songs...

As families were talking and catching up on this past years events, the Lodge became filled with a familiar sound. It was the sound of bells jingling , bells ringing & jingling rather loudly! All of a sudden you heard the biggest, cheeriest jump right outta your seat HO,HO,HO, Merry Christmas! In from the cold emerged this jolly ol'soul. He was dressed in red from head to toe. WHO could this be?
To see the excitement, wonder and magic in all the children's eyes as Santa Clause made is debut at the Christmas party. It was priceless!
Each child sat on Santa's lap and told him of that special something they hoped he would bring them on Christmas . They all had been so extra special good this year, that Santa made sure all the children went home with an early Christmas gift.
Even my Nephew Tom and his girlfriend Sara's brand new baby, Kyson sat on Santa's lap. I think that wise ol'Santa brought Kyson a sipee cup. He knew he would be using it within the next few months. He's a smart guy :)
We had a lovely time today...

Saturday, December 20, 2008


I stepped outside this morning with my piping hot cup of coffee in hand. BRRRRRRrrrrrrrrrrr, LOOK WHAT HAPPENED!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

This Santa, I am working on in my spare seconds! He is suppose to be for a Challenge in one of my e-bay groups and is Far from being done. His chances for being completed in time for the challenge are growing slim.... Miracles do happen though.
Here is the Pine Cone Doll finished! She is lovely in person. However, my pics are not flattering her very well....Hmmmmmm!

Ope! Here's a sneek peek at the Poker playing Pug Penny bank. That's a mouth full! I made this for my Son, Tony. He loves Poker and Pugs. So I thought I would combine the two and also make it functional so he can save his change for poker night!

Well, I tried real hard to get you all a better pic of the pine cone doll. I guess I will have the love of my life capture the beauty of this doll.

Monday, December 15, 2008

~ Snoopy

This morning I decided I would work on my "Myspace Page" You see, I had started a Myspace page back around the 1st part of November and never have returned. As my daughter would say, " I have poor attendance" Anyways, This morning I thought I would do a little snooping around Mamba's myspace page to get a little bit of an idea how to proceed with my page. SCREAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOOK at what I found!!!

****** Jasmine & Kasen Christmas 2008 ******

I found this Fantastic New Christmas photo of my grandkiddies! I just love this picture. I think, hope, better get one for Christmas ! Anyways, I just HAD to share.
Okay, I am off to my Studio, I have tons and tons of fun to do! HEY, be sure to stop back by my blog, a little later today. I have a MAGICAL idea that you can do for the believers in your life:)
I will give you a hint; Magic, Santa, Reindeer
see you all later:)

Friday, December 12, 2008

Magic In The Workshop!

Oh yeah, There was lots of magical things happening in the North Wing Workshop at Dianie Mac Studios! Miss Mamba Elf herself, was busily cutting strips of whimsical paper for her "Top Secret Gifts" !!!!
Little did Miss Mamba Elf Herself know..... Papa Elf was sneaking around with his camera taking pic's! He thought he was soooooooooo funny, the jokester that he is.............................................................................................................
Oh, wouldn't you know it, BUSTED! He caught us, Miss Mamba Elf herself "Top Secret Gifts" Are not a secret anymore........................
But that's okay, they will be a big delight to her friends on Christmas Day!

This is my Youngest Elf herself, "Amanda " however, she is also known as "Mamba". I have been looking forward to our Magical Craft Day for awhile now. We have been trying to get together for a full day of crafting for several weeks. But, we all know this time of year is very busy for everyone. We are going here and there and everywhere during the Holiday Season.
At last we get together....
We had a blast ! We laughed and laughed and laughed some more...
Well, we laughed soooooo much that we are continuing our Magical day , TODAY!
We will be finishing up the gifts and dolling them all up with some pretty cute packaging!
Ohhh, and we will be keeping ONE EYE on the lookout for Papa Elf and his camera!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Just For Fun!

My Fantabulous Art supplies, Doo-dads & treasures came in the mail and I have a whole two days off from my day job! YIPPEE ! I'm doing a little dance as we speak, YAY! So, today I will be spending an Art filled creative day with my youngest daughter and grandson. We will be making little gifts for friends. When she has had enough of the creation madness at the Dianie Mac Studios ( AKA; MOM'S HOUSE !) I will send her and little Kasen on their way. I will then put on my best Elfin shoes and get Crackle-Lackin' on the Pine cone doll!! STAY TUNED FOR PIC'S!!

Until then, I wouldn't want anyone to get bored so I am passing along this Fun little quiz! This is a "What kind Of Christmas Cookie Are You QUIZ "
I took this quiz and I am a "Simple Sweet Sugar Cookie" However, with a LITTLE HELP I can be all fancied up! HMMMMMMMMMMM????????
I'm not sure what to think of that??? LOL......
I Love Martha Stewart :) Just click on the link and take the Quiz , I hope You will let me know what kind of Christmas cookie you are........

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

~ A Lovely Award

I am so honored to have received this lovely award. I received it the other day from my friend Lori of the Village Gift Shoppe, Be sure to check out all of her wonderful treasures!
Thank You LORI!
Today I am passing this award on to all of you! There are so many wonderful blogs that I enjoy so much visiting. If you look over to the right you will see some of my favorite blogs I love to visit. I think you will agree..

Monday, December 8, 2008

A Perfect Snow!

It Really did! Early this morning in the wee hours while most people lay snuggled in their warm and cozy beds, there was a peaceful silence outside. Little tiny snowflakes, swirling and twirling, glistening with their graceful dance... When it snows, I cant help but look up to the sky to feel those magical frozen flakes fall on my nose and eyelashes. For just a moment , I get that tickle in my tummy, I feel like a child again...

Friday, December 5, 2008

Patiently Waiting.........

I have been waiting......... Very patiently waiting..........I find myself day dreaming while I'm savoring every sweet, pepper minty, goodness of my favorite Holiday candy.... gazing down at my pure, fluffy wintery white feathers...... I have had the most glorious creative day, working on my Tiffanie's Christmas gift. But now, I am at a idle moment....A stand still..
I checked the mail box... Nothing was there....... I checked it again, hoping for the precious silver stones I had ordered... But they are not there...DRATZ!!!!

This morning began at 4 am. when I heard my husbands wonderful voice. I jumped up, made him coffee and gave him a big ole' smooch before seeing him off to work. I ran downstairs and pulled out some of my favorite supplies. Paverpol, Paper clay and some cotton fibers. These Fabulous products are a big part of my creation that I am working on today!

Another big part of my today's creation is Inspiration! These fabulous pine cones were given to me by my Father-in-law and his wife Betty. About a week before Thanksgiving, we had a lovely visit from them. When my Father-in-law handed me these fascinating gifts of nature, I was instantly inspired.

I worked all morning on this sweet pine cone doll for my daughter Tiffanie. I am using all natural findings from Mother Earth, for this little Pine cone doll...... but now, I am at a standstill. Before I can go any further on her completion, I need the mailman to bring me my silver stones... I am patiently waiting.........savoring my favorite sweet, pepper minty Holiday candy.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

I Heard A Bird Sing.......

"I heard a Bird sing
In the dark of December
A Magical thing
And sweet to remember
`We are nearer to Spring
Than we were in September',
I heard a Bird sing...
In the dark of December"
~Oliver HerfordI have this sweet Bluebird up for auction!