Friday, November 28, 2008

Just Hanging Out!

I would like to introduce one of my fur kids to you. This is Piper!
He was given to me from my son's girlfriend when he was just a tiny kitty.
Someone had dumped him off in the big wilderness when he was just a few weeks old.
Now, I have never claimed to be a cat person. I have always had dogs, but this little guy has found a place in mine and my husbands heart.

This is Piper clear up in the tip-top of our Maple. Yep, the very TIP-TOP!

And this is Cocoa, he is my brother's dog. He came to visit and apparently, Piper has NOT found a place in his heart!
Cocoa chased Piper right up that tree...........

For hours, clear into the dark of night, my husband and I tried coaxing that little kitty down. I couldn't believe that cats can go upthat high and be afraid of coming back down. I thought for sure we would be calling the fire department. Do people really do that??? All I know is, he wasn't coming down and I didn't know any scrawny little kids that could climb up that tree. At last, after many hours of what seemed to be some sort of negotiations between Piper andmy husband, he was finally able to get him safely down out of that big maple.

Yep, and this is sweet Cocoa.............Naughty puppy!


Heart of a Cowgirl said...

I have a Piper, but she is a horse, not a kitty! Cute pics!

Nat said...

My dog Moo is bad like that. We have 2 cats. One cat gets chased and the other runs the opposite direction. I wish cats and dogs could just get along. Love your creations.