Saturday, November 1, 2008

~ Halloween Fun

Yep, this is me, Dianie Mac. I didn't want to go overboard on the Halloween costume as we have so many little ones in our family and they just don't appreciate all the ghost and goblin's. So Granny D just went with the Gothic look.... the grand kids and nephews still love me:)
We have tried to make it a tradition every Halloween night, to have a crock pot full of Sloppy Joe's and a table of goodies. Our house is open to all our family and friends who want to take a break from the Trick-r-treating and have a bite to eat and a relaxing visit. This year we even had a few strangers come in for one of these irresistible donuts. Before they left we were friends. I hope they stop by next year... Can you see those mini bananas? I thought they were so cute, I had to buy a couple of bundles. I didn't really expect many to be eaten, but to my surprise all the kids loved them!

This is a pic of my great nephew, Dillon. He is enjoying his new google glasses and a donut. I am not sure where the pic's are of my other grand kids? I know the camera's were just a snappin, when I find them I will have to post the pic's. Anywhoo, Jazz was Tinkerbell and Kasen was a lion. Parker wasn't able to make it over, but I'm thinking he was a pretty cool Skeleton.

This year we had more Trick-R-Treaters then we have ever had... Hubby and I had a great evening, I cant wait until next Halloween!!!


Anonymous said...

Love the costume! Looks like you had a great Halloween.

Kari and Parker said...

Oh I am so sad that we missed it! Parker would have loved it.. I wish we all lived in the same town to make it easier!! Parker LOVED trick or treating this year.. usually he just wants to pass out the candy, not this year, we were out until 9:00 (well he was..I went back in for some chili lol) I hope to see you Thursday or sometime this weekend.. you are a great Gothic Granny!

Bone*Head*Studios said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE the cookies..can I come live with you...especially during the holidays? Can't wait to see what you do for Christmas!!!...hehehe!

Diane MacNaughtan said...

Sheila, Yes, I had a ball!! I always dress up every year, this year some of my grown kiddies even dressed up!

Kari, we missed you and Parker, But I remember how hectic Halloween night can be for the school aged kids. There is so much going on and so many places to be in just a wee bit of time. Love you guys!

Flora, You are welcome anytime! Oh boy, now I am under pressure to think up something cute for the Holidays! LOl....