Friday, October 24, 2008

WIP ~ Progress...

I completed the Ghost Candy Container on Wednesday. I just love how he turned out! I get so excited to list my new creations on E-bay ! I listed this feller as a three day auction with a BIN option. I did this just in case someone out there couldn't live without him for this fast approaching Halloween......
Well.... He wasn't on long before someone fell in love with his sooo sweet & irresistible charm, and snatched him right up. So, yesterday he was packaged with lots of love and sent off to his new home......
Okay, so here is the Snowman Candy Container. I finished sculpting his head and also added a broom. I used Apoxie Sculpt for his head and broom. That is some surely amazing clay. When I first started using Apoxie Sculpt, I only used it to attach my pieces to a base, or leaves,vines, ect. The more I work with it, the more I love this clay and my use for it has evolved. I find it especially great for these candy containers if you assume a child may be handling it. This snowman was created with my 6 year old grandson in mind. However, as I was finishing the sculpt I thought that maybe I should make him a candy container that is more personalized. He loves and collects Monkeys. I was thinking a Sock Monkey candy container might be very cool and it isn't seasonal, he could use it year round. Hmmmm???? Well I will have to give it more thought today while I am painting this snowman. Kari if you are reading this, please leave me a comment on what you think! ( Kari is my grandsons mama ) I also welcome thoughts and opinions from everyone. Stay tuned, I will get pic's up of the painted snowman. Thanks for stopping buy to see my WIP : )


Designs by CK said...

Diane ~ Your ghost candy container is CUTE 4 DAYS!!!

Have a great weekend.


Kari and Parker said...

I loved your little Ghost.. he was so sweet looking. Parker would love anything you make for him.. the sock monkey idea is adorable.. but he would be happy with a plain rock if thats what you made for him :) so you choose!! Love ya Diane.. you are AMAZING!

Anonymous said...

How sooo very cute!!!!!

Diane MacNaughtan said...

Ck, Thank YOU!!!! ;)
Have a Happy Weekend.

Kari,I am starting the sock monkey tonight. SHhhhh,it's a secrect! Lol... I know Park would love anything :)

Thank you for the sweet compliment :)


Melissa said...

LOve this little guy! I saw him on the Martha Craft page and just had to leave a comment.

Diane MacNaughtan said...

Hi Melissa,
Thanks for stopping by my new blog and leaving such a nice compliment! And thanks for the compliment on Martha's. Have a great weekend :)