Halloween Creations

I am currently putting together some of my favorite past creations for your   viewing pleasure.

I hope you will enjoy your stroll in the world of magical & whimsical creations of Dianie Mac :)

Halloween Designs.
( All Sold )

Skelly Ornament. Paper clay over foil.

Three ghosts Gourd ornament. paper clay,gourds.

Paper mache treat box.  Paper clay, glitters.

Goofy Monster ornament. Paper clay, mohair.

Lily the Good witch. Paper clay, hand dyed fibers, vintage bottle stopper and brooch.

Halloween Magic! 1st place People choice award, 1st place 3-D art in our local art show.

Lil' Batty. paper clay Ornament.

Lil' Devil and pumpkinboo Candy containers.

Ghost Ornament.

Spider Queen.

Old Witch Best friends treat box.

Clinger.. lil' devil.

Old Witch Bust.  Paper Clay, Apoxie sculpt.

Bugs and kisses candy box

JOL sculpted onto a gourd


a Dracula welcome

Witchy spider candy box

Scarey scarecrow candy box

Gypsy Witch

Tori's carving...   air dry clays
3-d canvas art. paper clay, apoxie ,canvas

Dracula... 3-d canvas, paper clay, apoxie sculpt.

Veggi man.. paper clay, gourd,indian corn

Mummy... paper clay, gourd

The Black widow.  paper clay

"Jezzabelle" paper clay

Halloween clown. paper clay, gourd

Frankie.   paper clay

Along for the ride.  Paper clay,gourd

"BOO" paper clay on gourd

trick *r* treat

Wish Upon a Moon Witch.  paper clay 
Spooky Scarecrow.  acrylic on canvas
Red Headed Witch!  paper clay, wood
Autumn Witch  ATC SWAP.   Apoxie sculpt

A few of my favorite past Snowmen.

Whimsical dancing snowman ( paper clay ).

Happy Holidays Snowmen. ( Paper clay on canvas ).

Fun in the Snow, snowman. ( gourd, Apoxie Sculpt ).

Be mine Snowman. ( gourd, Apoxie Sculpt ).

" Got Coffee " Snowman. ( Gourd, paper clay ).

Cupid Snowman. ( acrylic paints on old glass whiskey flask ).

Snowman candy container. ( gourd, Apoxie Sculpt ).

Snowman Candy container. ( Gourd, Apoxie Sculpt ).

Snowman Candy Container. ( paper mache, paper clay ).

 Snowman Ornament. ( gourd, acrylic paint ).

Star spangled eyes snowman 4th of July. ( paper clay ).

Joy snowman. ( paper mache, paper clay ).

Willow, snow-girl. ( paper mache, paper clay ).

Valentine Snow-girl. ( paper clay ).

Colorful, whimsical Snowman.

Silly little snowman. ( Apoxie sculpt ).

Cutie pie snowman. ( paper clay ).

Snowball. ( paper mache, paper clay ).

Snowman ornament. ( paper Clay ).

Prim snowman ornament. ( paper clay ).

Winking Snowman ornament. ( Paper clay ).

Peace snowman. ( paper mache, paper clay ).

Joy snowman. ( paper mache, paper clay ).

Fluffy Snowman.- paper clay


   more snowmen...

Happy Snowman... Paper clay
Valentine snowgirl candy container -paper clay
Snowball fairy- paper clay
Candy cane snowman- gourd,paper clay
Snowflake-paper clay
Snowman make-do...., paper clay

Friends, if you have made it this far through my gallery of past work, you may need a lil' break for a cup of your favorite brew
and a little snack.

Santa- paper clay
Santa and snowman- gourd, carved
An american santa- paper clay
Spring Santa- Carved gourd

Got yer' Hat Santa- paper clay, Apoxie sculpt

Santa-paper clay

One world, One heart Santa- paper clay, apoxie sculpt